Dec 21 2016

Blender Animation Series - Volume One

Blender Animation Series - Volume One

Blender Animation Series - Volume One
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How to create basic animations with the blender timeline

Welcome to volume one of the blender animation series. This series is focused on the animations aspects of blender 3D where we will learn how to use all of the tools at blenders disposal to create fantastic 3D animations for whatever purpose we want.

In volume one, we introduce the fundamentals of animation including how to operate the timeline, creating keyframes to provide the structure for our animations as well as how to optimize blender for when we render our animations. Blender series courses are normally short and focused on specific topics and can easily be completed in a day per course while offering valuable knowledge in how to use blender.

The course finishes with two challenges and a quiz as a means of testing your knowledge and how you can apply that knowledge to your own projects.


The big question you might be asking is "what is blender", you may be viewing this course because you want to know more about it. Blender is a free 3D software platform that allow the user to perform multiple computer based applications such as 3D modelling, sculpting, animation, movie editing, image editing and game design. The best part being is that it is open source, meaning that you can use blender as much as you like and never have to worry about spending a penny.

Blender Animation Series - Volume One

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