Sep 25 2015

Low Poly modeling and animation in Cinema 4D

Low Poly modeling and animation in Cinema 4D

Udemy - Low Poly modeling and animation in Cinema 4D
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Cinema 4D course of animation and low poly style basics

Nowadays Low Poly and Flat are in trend. Studying this video course you will learn that the low poly modeling is not just the very simple thing but also the fun. The author will gladly teach you to simulate models using extrusion technologies (Extrude and Extrude Inner)at first, and then he will teach you the basics of animation in Cinema 4D. In the end by composing and animating the models we will get the scene and effectively will bring it to perfection in the After Effects composite. You will acquire all the knowledge and will begin to use them in work immediately.
What are the requirements?

Desktop or Laptop with Cinema 4D software - version with mograph recommended
A mouse and the keyboard
A computer with minimal processing power and graphics capabilities should be adequate for this course

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 14 lectures and 2 hours of content!
2 hours tutorial with the great result at the end of the course
I will teach you a process for generating professional 3d graphics quickly and effectively in Cinema 4D
You will learn to model, texture, light, and render a 3d scene from beginning to end
We will give you many pricefull advices
Low Poly - its easy and cool looking technique!

What is the target audience?

Beginners to the world of 3d graphics and the Cinema 4D software
Motion designers who want to work in Low Poly style
Anyone who wants start learning animation in Cinema 4D

Low Poly modeling and animation in Cinema 4D

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